Assault Lawyer.


Assault cases are probably one of the most common cases in our courts today. It may come as a surprise that one can be charged with assault even if they never lay a finger on the complainant. In the eyes of the law, an assault can occur by just simply making someone fear that they are in imminent danger of being harmed. Assault can committed even if contact never occurs.


However there are other serious assault charges that one can face. Let us have a brief look at them:


Aggravated assault

Assault with a weapon

Assaulting a police officer

Domestic assault and abuse

Felony assault

Gang assault

Juvenile assault

Sexual assault

Vehicular assault

Related charges to assault


Having an assault accusation means that you are potentially facing a criminal prosecution for a felony or misdemeanor crime and you ought to have a highly skilled assault lawyer for that case. These assault lawyers handle these cases differently depending on the facts and circumstances. This is mostly because such cases range from a simple straight forward case to extremely complex cases. However, assault lawyers have some common defense approaches to such cases. Some of those defenses are:



This is probably the most common defense used for an assault case. To establish self-defense, the accused must generally show:

An unlawful threat or harm against them.


An honest perceived fear to them.

No harm or provocation from their part.

No reasonable chance of retreating or escaping the situation.


Defense of others.

This is a defense that is in so many ways similar to the self-defense the only difference being that the defendant must have an honest perceived fear of harm to another person.


Defense of property.

The defendant can claim that he acted only in defense of his or her own property against invasion or being illegally withheld.



Depending on the jurisdiction, the defendant can voluntarily consent to a particular act for it not to be asserted to constitute an assault.


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